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GET A GRIP ON YOUR GRAMMARA lighthearted, witty, "Elements of Style for the Twitter generation"


250 Writing and Editing Reminders for the Curious or Confused

By Kris Spisak. Both a "grammar book for those who hate grammar books" and an "Elements of Style for the Twitter generation," this lighthearted guide is filled with easily digestible, witty writing tips. Employing a playful, conversational style, the book emphasizes that one doesn't need to know "grammarian jargon" to understand correct and effective language use. Five sections cover word usage, punctuation, idioms, business writing and etiquette, and creative writing and storytelling; touching on topics such as 153 of the most commonly confused words, the perils of overusing the word "suddenly," why apostrophes shouldn't be "thrown about like confetti," and more. Grades 9 and up. Index. Career Press. 224 pages. ©2017.

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