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ADVANCED COMPOSITION SKILLSLessons on writing analysis, argument, and synthesis essays


20 Lessons for AP* Success

By Steven Fox. Written specifically to prepare students for the AP English Language exam, this reader/rhetoric deals with the realities of most AP classes while teaching students to write effective essays. The 20 lessons focus on the skills students need to succeed on the exam, and includes exercises for close reading, writing prompts and suggestions for all three essay types (analysis, argument, and synthesis), drawing readings from both fiction and nonfiction, both classical and contemporary. The 20 lessons address:
  • What does the passage mean?
  • In what ways does the passage require especially careful reading?
  • What are the author's assertions?
  • What is the author implying?
  • What is the author's point of view?
  • How does syntax contribute to the passage's meaning?
  • Where has the author used figurative language?
  • What rhetorical strategies has the author used?
  • What are the purposes of particular words, phrases, and sentences in the passage?
  • Who is the author's intended audience?
  • What is the author's attitude toward the subject and the audience?
  • How does the author arrange details?
  • What did the author do, and how did the author do it?
  • What is the relationship between abstract and concrete language?
  • How did the author's language create the atmosphere of the writing?
  • How does the author appeal to the reader's feelings and sense of character?
  • What questions should the reader ask in order to analyze the author's style?
  • What is the author's purpose?
  • What is the character of the speaker?
  • What is the overall effect of the piece?
Glossary. 8" x 11". Peoples Education. 160 pages. ©2009.languagetestprep

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