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100 Tragically Common Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)

By Sean Williams. Designed for quick reference, this "secret decoder ring" for grammar covers everything from common mistakes to usage to style. Brief, clear entries explain a grammatical issue, provide examples of correct and incorrect usage, and offer memory tips, quick quizzes, and more. Among the topics: modifiers, the subjunctive mood, affect/effect, em and en dashes, ellipses, run-on sentences, less vs. fewer, i.e. and e.g., cliches, the singular "they," parallel structure, and active vs. passive voice. The guide also includes 50 substitutions for long-winded phrases and "cheat sheets" for punctuation and parts of speech. Grades 9 and up. Glossary. Resources. Zephyros. 168 pages. ©2019.

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