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FROM TOTEMS TO HIP-HOPCelebrating historical diversity and universal themes


A Multicultural Anthology of Poetry Across the Americas, 1900–2002.

Edited by Ishmael Reed. A multicultural poetry anthology unlike any other. First, the robust vitality of the 130-plus poems helps students love poetry. Second, the inclusion of ten poetic manifestos from key movements in American poetry fuels informed discussion of big ideas. Third, Totems arranges poems according to universal themes (nature and place, men and women, family, politics, and heroes and "sheroes") so, instead of being about ethnic identity, the collection frames a world in which poetic voices from many backgrounds choir their diverse perspectives. Grades 9 and up. Contributor biographies. Thunder's Mouth. 523 pages. ©2003.
From the introduction by Ishmael Reed:

"Though the antagonist in our current American cultural war maintain that ours is and should be an Anglo civilization, or, conversely, that the Anglo civilization is being supplanted by a multicultural civilization, American literature, from the very beginning has been miscgenated as our hemisphere, influenced by a mixture of cultures, nations, and races....

....From Totems to Hip-Hop attempts to present a broad survey of American poetry since 1900 by including the revolutionaries as well as the academy, the feminists as well as the masculinists, the straight as well as the gay, the formalists as well as the free versers, the straightforward and well as the opaque, the picture writers as well as the sound writers, the apolitical as well as the political, the pre rap of Vachel Lindsay as well as the post rap of Paul Beatty, Hi culturalists as well as the low culturalists, the ordinary as well as the ornate, the elitists as well as the populists."

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