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INTERPRETING POETRYQuestioning and journal-writing help students experience poetry


Classic and Contemporary Poems

By Donna Tanzer and Martin Beller. These 26 lessons help students discover how to read poems more effectively. Starting with their own unique, immediate responses, they will move gradually toward interpretation supported by the words and form of the poem. Each lesson focuses on one poem and is organized into five parts: 1) preparation and reading, 2) first response, 3) ask questions, 4) open the tool box, and 5) interpret the poem. The poets covered include Blake, Dickinson, Donne, Frost, Heaney, Hopkins, Hughes, Keats, Nye, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth.
  • Questioning and journal writing help students experience poetry
  • Discussion questions engage student interest
  • Lessons build analytic and interpretive skills
Peoples Education. 145 pages. ©2010.literaturetestprep

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