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THE MEN AND WOMEN OF LETTERSStudents analyze model letters, then craft their own


26 Letter-Writing Activities

By Charles W. Hyatt. Help students learn how to write 26 types of letters based on model letters arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z, including a letter of application, a business letter, letter of condolence, "Dear John" letter, letter of introduction, love letter, letter of recommendation, and a letter to a soldier. Students analyze the model letters and then craft letters of their own. The models include actual letters from famous figures, historical context for the letters, tips on how to write the particular genre, and, just for fun, historical background on the origins of each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Suggested readings. Bibliography. Certificates of completion. Spiralbound. 8½"x 11". Center for Learning. 114 pages. ©2016.

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