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THE RADICAL WRITEGet the facts, put them in context, and find an "angle"


A Fresh Approach to Journalistic Writing for Students

By Bobby Hawthorne. Forget the inverted pyramid, proclaims this heretical (but very convincing) how-to book for writers of high school journalism: the inverted pyramid and who what when where why how work badly because schools rarely have breaking news to report. According to this deliciously readable and down-to-earth book about the difference between good and bad reporting, the challenge always is to get the facts, put them in context, and find an "angle"—a fresh presentation that may well require a narrative, descriptive, or interpretive approach. Suitable as a textbook, the book is packed with examples of fresh vs. stale treatments of typical stories, plus tips on such skills as interviewing and proofreading. Grades 9–12. Index. Illustrated. 8" x 11". Taylor. Approximately 180 pages. ©2003.
This Title is part of the Series: JOURNALISM ADVISER'S BUNDLE

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