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AP* LITERATURE TEACHING UNITSPractice AP-style questions while studying specific works


Because these teaching units were specifically written with the AP English Literature test in mind, the detailed study guides focus on the types of literary knowledge that students will be called on to demonstrate on the AP exam. The end-of-unit multiple-choice questions look and sound like AP questions; as such, they demand both a close reading of the text and sound knowledge of literary techniques, figurative language, and rhetorical devices. In addition, sharply focused free-response questions specific to each work require students to discuss those facets of literature (e.g., the contribution of a specific scene to the overall meaning) that will prepare students to write effective essays. Prestwick House. ©2003–13.

Sample pages from the Macbeth teaching unit literaturecurriculumunits PRS290

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PRS350-WBWC COMPLETE SET: 105 reproducible curriculum units $2,991.45

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